Be passionate… and not just on Valentine’s Day

In case you’ve forgotten, it’s Valentine’s Day on Thursday – the one day of the year when the world and his wife goes gaga over that crazy little thing called love.

But, before you dash out to buy something expensive for that special someone, ask yourself this: if someone is important enough to be treated this well on February 14, aren’t they important enough to be treated this well for the rest of the year, too?

Don’t worry. We’re not about to put a damper on St Valentine. Go ahead. Book that restaurant. Buy that gift. Show that special someone how important they are to you.

Be honest, though: if you care that much for them, isn’t it worth letting them know how special they are as often as possible?

Some people think a little gesture (annual or otherwise) is enough. We have to disagree. Caring about someone automatically demands an emotional investment, and that requires a little effort a little more often than one gesture on one day in the coldest part of the year.

It doesn’t have to be white wine and roses every night (heck, your liver wouldn’t thank you for that, even if your friendly neighbourhood florist probably will). It doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending huge amounts of cash, either. Just something, anything, that shows you care; like cooking a meal, or doing the washing up (at least load the dishwasher with a smile)… It says: You’re special. You matter to me. You deserve looking after.

Even something as simple as saying ‘I love you’ every day does something amazing to a relationship.

It’s the same in business. Aren’t your customers your special someones? Don’t they deserve to be made to feel looked after? That they matter to you?

It’s not always easy. Some clients don’t do warm and fuzzy, while others get tongue-tied when it comes to articulating exactly what they feel.

We don’t suggest sending flowers to everyone who does business with you (unless you want to) but being able to communicate your passion for what you do could be what makes them come back to you again. And again. And again.

Finding the courage to say those three little words doesn’t devalue them. If anything, it makes them as valuable a currency in business as they are in romance.