The countdown to Eurovision 2013 starts here…

We’re now just a few weeks away from the silliest music contest in – let’s be honest – the world. As promised a few weeks ago, we’re going to be offering thumbnail portraits of all the acts taking part, and offering our view on how well we think they’ll do. Bearing in mind, we will […]

Why second hand doesn’t mean second rate at French jumble sales

Bridget Jones’ fans will recognise that “vg” stands for ‘very good’… unless they live in our French neck of the woods. Here, any handwritten sign stuck up by the road with the letters ‘VG’ followed by a date and location means only one thing: it’s bargain-hunting time! Yes, in south-west France, spring means a return […]

Why I softened towards the Iron Lady

Scheenagh Harrington reacts to the news of the death of a political icon. It’s been on the cards for some time, but when news broke today that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher had died aged 87, following a stroke, it took me a moment to decide how it made me feel. I am a […]