We don’t get all the fuss surrounding school-run stress

Scheenagh Harrington admits to feeling just a teeny bit smug about being able to get the kids to school on time in a morning… Our morning routine involves having Sky News on the telly in the background as we all get ready for school. But today, while cooking porridge for five, I overheard a news […]

Why breastfeeding bribery is wrong on every level

Talk about hitting a raw nerve. The news that 130 new mums in the Derbyshire and South Yorkshire areas of Britain will be paid up to £200 in shopping vouchers to breastfeed their children has sent internet mums’ groups into apoplexy – and no wonder. In November I will become a father for the third […]

Inner musings on the pride and pain of writing – and why a fountain pen helps

Scheenagh Harrington tries not to whine about what she does when writing stuff doesn’t go as well as she’d like. I’ve been trying to be a writer for most of my life (well, apart from the eight years I spent working in a cake factory, where my brain fell asleep for the vast majority of […]