Why I’m Happy to Take a Stand Against the Bad People

Scheenagh Harrington loves being a parent, even when she doesn’t. And anyone who wants to mess with her family had better watch out. Seriously…   I know the picture-postcard version of how la vie en France is supposed to go: the stone cottage set in acres of rolling hills; summer evenings spent sipping wine and […]

The Best Part of Parenting? A Trip to the Beach!

Scheenagh Harrington looks back on a family day out and why experience counts for a lot when you’re a parent. But not in the way you might think…   We’re a family of two adults and three children; aged 8, 4 and 8 months respectively, so at least two of the smaller people are fairly […]

Oui, Je Parle Français, But I’ll Never Keep Up with the Children…

Scheenagh Harrington chews the fat about why talking French and all that is fun for the whole family – and has become easier than she ever imagined.   I’ve always loved language, right from the get-go. I don’t have many memories from my early childhood, but I do have strong impressions of reading The Emperor’s […]

Why Being Apart Means Summer Fun for All

Scheenagh Harrington isn’t rich or famous, and is happy with that, even if she does find it odd to be writing this in the third person. She is currently having an amazing time in the south of France, where life has thrown some serious curve balls in the past five years and so far, she’s […]

Was a suffragette’s sacrifice a waste of effort if all womankind gets is Marine Le Pen?

On Sunday, March 23, as voting in the first round of local elections got under way in France (where I made my home five years ago), I perched my laptop on my knee so my eight-year-old daughter could watch what I think is one of history’s most important films. It was brief, grainy, heart-stopping footage […]

Why we love to write about our lives less ordinary – and won’t stop

Scheenagh Harrington looks at why, despite criticism from commentors, writing about everyday life for the internet is no bad thing. Tuesday, January 14, 2014, was something of a red letter day, as James had an article posted on The Guardian US and UK websites. If you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion, you can find it here. […]

Why it’s been an interesting weekend for parents…

Scheenagh Harrington lets fly about selfish supermarket trolley users and why Pope Francis is an unlikely hero for breastfeeding mums Supermarket trolleys aren’t normally items that inspire passion (apart from those dodgy ones that track to the left), but last weekend I almost lost the plot over one. In my home town, one of the […]

Get your facts straight

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a sloppily and carelessly dashed-off article, blog post, social media message, email, memo, or mission statement will go viral faster than the Twitterati can type OMG. Take The Daily Mail’s web review of the New Year’s Day episode of eagerly awaited BBC drama Sherlock, which was published a […]