Why Your Website Copy Doesn’t Have to Be Like A Great Vacuum Cleaner

Scheenagh Harrington takes time out from family life in France, and instead uses her childish ingratitude in a shameless bit of self-promotion to explain why Black Mountain Editorial could help improve the copy on your website.   Regular visitors to this little corner of the internet will know that apart from trying to make a […]

Why we love to write about our lives less ordinary – and won’t stop

Scheenagh Harrington looks at why, despite criticism from commentors, writing about everyday life for the internet is no bad thing. Tuesday, January 14, 2014, was something of a red letter day, as James had an article posted on The Guardian US and UK websites. If you’ll forgive the shameless self-promotion, you can find it here. […]

Inner musings on the pride and pain of writing – and why a fountain pen helps

Scheenagh Harrington tries not to whine about what she does when writing stuff doesn’t go as well as she’d like. I’ve been trying to be a writer for most of my life (well, apart from the eight years I spent working in a cake factory, where my brain fell asleep for the vast majority of […]

How to make sense and influence people…

Last month, we were asked to edit the English pages of a website for an international festival of sports photography, which will take place in Narbonne, France, this summer. It’s quite the event. Seven prestigious exhibitions across the city over 18 days featuring images from the likes L’Equipe, AFP, Chinese media organisation Xinhua and the […]